After 24 years of strictly observing a non-veggie diet, Imran is just glad that he still feels healthy and rarely gets sick. He often says that veggies and him must have had a quarrel in his previous life, but Imran secretly hopes to reconcile with veggies when he’s old. Sometimes, as a hobby, Imran likes to annoy people with existential questions. Apart from that he enjoys reading anything related to history, philosophy, Marx and Slavoj Zizek. As for his profession, Imran hates to work in the 8-5pm setting, so he chose to pursue academia so that he can work for 24 hours everyday instead.

Imran set up this blog to discipline himself to write, although he clearly seems to fail to stick to the routine. He hoped to share his thoughts, reflections on materials he read, and of course, possibly, some lame jokes.

Imran is currently enrolled in a MA program in Southeast Asian history at The University of Malaya, and a member of of Imagined Malaysia organizing committee.

He can be contacted via email: imranmohdrasid303@gmail.com


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