Now in my final phase of gathering materials for a research paper that i am currently working on, and intend to present in a conference in Tehran sometimes around the end of April.

My paper will be a preliminary attempt to reconstruct the dialectical philosophy that guides through the thinking of Shariati in most of his major works. Through his discussion on alienation, the nature or man, and unfolding of history, one can trace, albeit scatteredly, the presence of dialectical method running through his thinking process.

My job then is to identify the genealogy of this dimension( possibly through the influence of Sartre, Lefebvre, Weber–> which leads to Hegel, or/and through the influence of mystical traditions of Islamic Sufism) and resurrect it back to life for more discussion. The greatest challenge is, of course, is to locate and identify such influences in Shariati’s vast amount of works, which mainly comprised of lecture notes that has minimal references or citations. But one can still manage to draw certain parallels with other thinkers from the texts through closer readings. Through a semi-biographical notes he left, Shariati shared with us the list of thinkers and inviduals that has shaped his philosophical and political project. That would be my reference, for a start, before i begin to venture into other pieces of his writings.

Anyhow, this would mean that for the next few weeks i would posted less on Marxist related works, and probably will be fully occupied with readings from Shariati and Sartre. Interesting nonetheless.


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