Writing a complaint, about writing

It’s 4.33am now. And i have yet to sleep, thinking of what to come. After setting up all sort of plans, read all kind of readings, written all sort of draft, and yet there is not a single piece of writings i have ever completed. Not even when my financial condition counts on it. I am probably not much of a writer. Not even a bad one, for a bad writer at least they have some writings to be count as bad.

But i will try again, and probably will also fail again. But that’s okay, fail better next time. I will give myself another month at least. And we shall see how it turns out. Sigh..please don’t fail again.


Sigh of a wishful writer. (And i hope no one reads this)


A year of Marx



For so long, since i began my intellectual journey, Marx; as a name, as a figure, as a thinker, often lurk into all the readings that i do. Whenever i go, with whatever materials i delve into, somewhat the shadow Marx will always be there, cited and refered either positively or negatively. Since in college, when i was dong A-Level history we were already introduced to Marx, the figure that inspires the Russian Revolution.

As i proceed into uni, and going through my readings and classes, Marx will makes a presence. This is, of course, not to argue that Marx has reached so much popularity that it’s now a mainstream views. On the contrary, Marx’s remainder remains only at the margin, but remains still, for they cant get never fully ognored him. Probably this is what Derrida meant when he said that the specter of Marx is haunting Europe. A ghost can never be killed, for he or she is already dead, and its presence can transcends the walls of universities and institutions, never be kept nor contained.

Yet, despite so many encounters with Marx in my readings, i never truly read anything he wrote. Except for a couple of essays, i suppose. This year, i decided to made it one of my resolution to study Marx seriously and began to explore the ideas he painfully developed throughout his life. It’s probably an agnostic leap of faith, as i a, not sure what awaits me through this journey. Although from just a scratch of knowledge on the subject, there is something that he might able to offer, something profound enough that warrant a proper examinations of his writings. So i decided to give it a shot. After grappling so much with postmodern works, time to slowly retreat to the classics.

wish me luck.

P/S: I wrote this in the middle of reading Harvey’s Companion, again and again, till i fully get it. A good prepatory exercise before i delve into Das Kapital