Unfolding the ideals unto reality.

I am actually pretty clueless on what to write for this entry. But i have promised someone, and i have long list of reasons to get back to writing, hence i need to force myself to made something up for this space. For inspiration, i began to look back what i had written in the past, and discovered a bitter long pessmistic FB status i posted more than a year ago. I was in my third year at Uni at the time, and was going through difficult period of my life. I was fueled with a sense pessimism and the desire to isolate myself from the world. Hence, i sought refuge in theory, a field of asbtract ideas and discussions, while despising any other discipline that requirs human contact.

Well, after a year now in Malaysia, i discovered that the line that separates the world of theories and reality is better treated as blurry, for both world constantly engaging and affecting one another. Theories without the sense of reality is futile, while practical works without theoretical guidance is blind. It is in this regard one can fully appreciate the notion of ‘Praxis’, a sort of dialectically blending of the practice and theories in ones own works. I have learned that ideas, ironically, doesnt fully belong to the realm of the ideals. Every ideas has a material dimension, and only through experiences and inter-subjective process in the real world that a proper unfolding of ideas can take place.

I am not sure i am making any sense here lol. But i realised that i was quite prolific while at uni. Well, let’s hope this rambling is a start, or an inauguration for more productive efforts to write.



imran Rasid