Need to Reschedule

I will be starting my Master application soon, and hopefully once i got accepted i should muster all concentration on finishing the thesis.

I might be working and writing on Derrida, specifically on Hauntology.¬†I know what you’ve been thinking, and nope, we’re not talking about REAL Ghost here( but again what is real?).

To be a ghost is to be a hybrid between life and death, to stay in between, disturbing the very line that separate both world. And like most ghost narrated to us trough tales and movies, Ghost haunts reappears when they have unfinished business in the living world. This is why most of the Burial rituals are conducted in a respectful manner- with hope that the soul will continue at rest.

So how does this connected to Derrida? Derrida used the symbolism of Ghost in Specters of Marx to explained how Communism/Marxism, despite the loud announcement by scholars(fukuyama) that it has received a fatal knock out with the fall of Soviet Unionin 1989, Derrida stressed that the idea is more alive than ever- and will come to us in form of Ghost! Oh well, i will explained more later. Just feel like trying to write something right now.

Nonetheless i have shifted(and limits) my focus in the next chapter of my life to few things now:

  1. A Master Student
  2. A Part Time Lecturer/ Tutor
  3. Mini Historian- IM projects
  4. IRF research Fellow
  5. Book translator
  6. Writer! Fuck i really need to push myself to write!

few other things that will be a second priority:

  1. Learning French
  2. Memorizing poems/ prose
  3. Again..writing- but in a good way.